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Refuge Alternatives for Underground Coal Mines

We are providing PDF versions of public comments involved in the Refuge Alternatives for
Underground Coal Mines (2013-19029) Request for Information August 8, 2013.

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30 CFR Part 75

RIN 1219-AB79

Refuge Alternatives for Underground Coal Mines
Request for Information

List of Public Comments
Comments Commenter Date Received
AB79-Comm-1 Anonymous 10/29/2013
AB79-Comm-2 Eugene White, Director, West Virginia Office of MinersҠHealth, Safety & Training 11/25/2013
AB79-Comm-3 James Rau, General Manager, MineArc Systems America LLC 06/02/2014
AB79-Comm-4 Charles Vaught (Retired) and Kathleen M. Kowalski Trakofler, Ph.D, Research Psychologist NIOSH Office of Mine Safety and Health Research (Retired) 06/03/2014
AB79-Comm-5 Jim Akers, Mine Owner, Hubble Mining LLC. 04/02/2015
AB79-Comm-6 Bruce Watzman, National Mining Association 04/02/2015
AB79-Comm-7 Nathan P. Joslin, Chief, Research & Development, Jack Kennedy Metal Products & Buildings, Inc. 04/02/2015
AB79-Comm-8 Christina Spring, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 04/02/2015
AB79-Comm-9 John Reinmann, Strata Worldwide LLC 04/02/2015
AB79-Comm-10 Edward M. Green, Counsel to the Companies, Crowell & Moring 04/02/2015
AB79-Comm-10-1 Enclosure A, 1. Emergency Rulemaking Petition NMA Bruce Watzman; 2. Jeffery Kohler Letter to Ronald Wooten Dated December 19, 2007; 3. article entitled “Update on refuge alternatives: research, recommendations and underground deployment” by Bauer and Kohler; 4. Finite element simulation of mine refuge chambers (Final Report); 5. Underground Mine Shelter Thermal Analysis (Final Report); and 6. E-mail from Pete Rynes Dated July 13, 2002 to Eric Bauer, NIOSH 04/02/2015
AB79-Comm-10-2 Enclosure B, Letter from Edward M. Green Dated May 23, 2014, requesting a comment period extension 04/02/2015
AB79-Comm-10-3 Enclosure C, PowerPoint slides from the Office of Mine Safety and Health Research (OMSHR): 1. Ed Thimons, entitled Built-in-Place Refuge Alternatives; 2. Susan M. Moore, PhD, entitled Human Factors Considerations for Refuge Alternatives; 3. Ed Thimons, entitled Mobile RA Purging and Purge Room Contamination; 4. David S. Yantek, entitled Demonstration of an Occupancy Derating Strategy for Mobile Refuge Alternatives used in Underground Coal Mines; 5. David S. Yantek, entitled Temperature Rise in Mobile Refuge Alternatives; and 6. J. Kohler, entitled Overview of Research on Refuge Alternatives, May 22, 2014. 04/02/2015
AB79-Comm-10-4 Enclosure D, PowerPoint slides from NIOSH Refuge Alternatives Partnership Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA February 10, 2015:  1. Discussion Points/Takeaways; 2. An Overview of OMSHR’s History of Refuge Alternatives Research, Office of Mine Safety and Health Research (OMSHR), Dr. RJ Matetic; 3. Overview of Prior OMSHR Refuge Alternatives Research on Purging, Heat & Humidity, and Built-in-place, OMSHR, Dave Yantek; 4. Update on OMSHR Refuge Alternatives Research: 2014 Heat & Humidity Research and 2015 Planned Research, OMSHR, Dave Yantek; 5. Design and Construction Considerations for a Protected Compressed Air Line to a Refuge Alternative, Jhon Silva and Braden Lusk, University of Kentucky; 6. Thermal Control in Mine Refuges, ChemBio Shelter, Inc., Ed Roscioli; 7. Mine Test of a Cryogenic Refuge Alternative Supply System (CryoRASS), NASA Kennedy Space Center, Donald Doerr, Ed Blalock, and David Bush; 8. Built-In-Place Refuge Alternatives-(BIP-RA) San Juan Coal Company, bhpbilliton, David Hales. 04/02/2015
AB79-Comm-10-5 Enclosure E, entitled Refuge Alternative Safety Alert 04/02/2015
AB79-Comm-10-6 Enclosure F, Letter from Edward M. Green dated March 30, 2015, re: Comments on Interim Final Rule Re Extension of Transition Period for Introduction of Closed-Circuit Escape Respirators 04/02/2015
AB79-Comm-10-7 Enclosure G, Edward M. Green, Counsel to the Companies, Crowell & Moring, Additional Supplemental Comments and Photo 04/02/2015

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