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The slides that follow will show various components and requirements of the machine power package which includes the engine, the intake and exhaust systems, and the safety shutdown system.

Details pertaining to a permissibility inspection and other functional checks of power packages, and other permissibility checklists which have been developed by manufacturers, are posted on MSHA’s web site. For example, for Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. go to www.msha.gov and select:
- Safety and Health Information, then
- Diesel Equipment - Health and Safety, then
- Information Regarding Diesel Regulations, then
- Available Permissibility Checklists, then
- Atlas Copco Wagner Incorporated.

The intake system basically includes the intake air cleaner (filter), intake air shutoff valve, flame arrester, and intake pipe connected to the engine. The exhaust system basically consists of the exhaust pipe connected to the engine exhaust manifold, wet scrubber, and exhaust outlet pipe. The safety component system consists of a temperature sensor used for monitoring the temperature of the engine cooling water and an exhaust scrubber low water level shutdown valve. Also, machines equipped with an exhaust particulate filter would be equipped with a third sensor to monitor the temperature of the exhaust gases. The temperature sensor valve(s) automatically shut the engine down if a specified temperature is exceeded (170 degrees Fahrenheit exhaust gas or 212 degrees Fahrenheit coolant temperature).

The power package of the machine must be checked at least weekly to ensure that it is being maintained in accordance with applicable requirements.
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