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These "self-extracting" files are the actual information (raw data) from the accident and injury MSHA Form 7000-2 filed with MSHA by mining operators and contractors as required under 30 CFR Part 50.

There may be an easier way to use this data!
MSHA now offers data sets through its Open Government data initiative. The information provided is the same, but in a more user friendly fashion, complete with data descriptions. Please take a look at MSHA's Open Government data sets..

Part 50 Reports Production Schedule - These reports are refreshed approximately 6 weeks from the end of each quarter. Quarters run from January through March, April through June, July through September, and October through December. Expect reports six weeks after the end of each quarter.

If you have not previously used this data and/or are building a data base for this data, please start here.
These data files must be loaded into a data base of your choice, in order to be read. The field descriptions (record layouts) for constructing this data base may be found in the handbook. Once the data base is built, you may import the data files into the data base.

  Part 50 Data User's Handbook

Part 50 Data Files  (The 3rd Qtr 2023 files were updated 11/1/2023.
The End of Year 2022 files were updated 7 /5/2023.)

PC7014 Report on 30 CFR Part 50

Link to MSHA Data File Downloads on NIOSH web site