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We are beginning to provide several of the Approval and Certifications Center's Standard Test Procedures. This is just a beginning. Our goal is to provide you with up to 60 of these when this project is complete.

The following Standard Test Procedures (STP's) are used by the Approval and Certification Center personnel to conduct tests as required by 30 CFR.

All of the files are PDF. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view these files. If you do not have the reader, you may download it, free of charge at For more information on PDF, please use this link.

Last Updated 01/2023

Electrical Safety Division Procedures
General Intrinsic Safety Procedures
Battery Flash Current Test (ASTP2202)
Current Limiting Resistor Adequacy Test (ASTP2206)
Coal Dust Thermal Ignition Test (ASTP2207)
Methane Thermal Ignition Test (ASTP2208)
Optical Isolator Test (ASTP2216)
Impact Test of Encapsulated Electrical Assemblies (ASTP2219)
Protective Transformer Test (ASTP2220)
Force Test of Encapsulated Electrical Assemblies (ASTP2224)
Drop Testing Intrinsically Safe Apparatus (ASTP2226)
Mechanical Test of Partitions (ASTP2227)
Piezoelectric Device Impact Test (ASTP2230)
Spark Ignition Test (ASTP2232)
Maximum Surface Temperature Test (ASTP2233)
Dielectric Strength Test (ASTP2234)
Encapsulation Compound Absorption Test (ASTP2240)
Encapsulation Cable Pull Test (ASTP2241)*
Drop Test of Encapsulated Assemblies (ASTP2243)
Encapsulation Thermal Endurance Test (ASTP 2245)
Impact Test for Tracking Tags (ASTP2246)
Protective Wire, Connection, and Trace Test (ASTP2249)
Cap Lamp Procedures
Cap Lamp Bulb Life Test (ASTP2205)
Cap Lamp Headpiece Impact Test (ASTP2210)
Cap Lamp Performance Test (ASTP2213)
Cap Lamp Battery Spill Test (ASTP2215)
Cap Lamp Cord Slatting Test (ASTP2217)
Cap Lamp Headpiece Drop Test (ASTP2218)
Cap Lamp Light Distribution Test (ASTP2221)
Lamp Bulb Safety Test (ASTP2222)
Drop Test Cap Lamp Battery (ASTP2225)
Methane Monitor Procedures
Methane Monitor Vibration Test (ASTP2223)
Methane Monitor Moisture Testing (ASTP2228)
Methane Monitoring System Performance Test (ASTP2229)
Methane Monitor Dust Resistance Test (ASTP2248)
Portable Methane Detector Procedures
Methane Detector Accuracy Test (ASTP2203)
Drop Test of Methane-Indicating Detectors (ASTP2209)
Oxygen Deficiency Accuracy Test (ASTP2235)
Portable Methane Detector Bump and Jar Test (ASTP2236)
Accuracy Verification for Instruments Capable of Measuring up to 100% v/v Methane in Air (ASTP2247)
Explosion-proof Enclosure Procedures
Polycarbonate Surface Temperature Test (ASTP2130)
Thermal Shock Testing of Windows and Lenses (ASTP2131)
Lens Impact Test 18.66(a) (ASTP2132)
Restricted Access Lens Impact Test (ASTP2136)
Requirements For Explosion Testing Per 30 CFR, 18.62 (ASTP2137)
Miscellaneous Procedures
Collect ISO-Footcandle Illumination Curves at Independent Light Laboratories Test (ASTP2050)
Ground Wire Devices (ASTP2134)
Tests For Acceptance Of Ground Wire Monitor Systems (ASTP2135)
Over Current Relay Acceptance (ASTP2139)
Low and Medium Voltage Ground Wire Device Acceptance Tests (ASTP2139)
Mechanical and Engineering Safety Division
Standard Test Procedure-Diesel Power Package Exhaust Gas Cooling Efficiency Test (ASTP3002)
Standard Test Procedure-Diesel Power Package Safety System Control Test (ASTP3003)
Standard Test Procedure-Diesel Power Package Explosion Tests (ASTP3004)
Standard Test Procedure to Determine the Gaseous Ventilation Rate (ASTP3008)
Standard Test Procedure to Determine the Maximum Fuel-Air Ratio (ASTP3009)
Standard Test Procedure-Test to Determine the Particulate Index (ASTP3010)
Standard Test Procedure-Internal Static Pressure Test (ASTP3011)
Standard Test Procedure-Dust Collector Test (ASTP3012)
Standard Test Procedure- Diesel Power Package Surface Temperature Tests (ASTP3015)
Use of Single Filter High-Efficiency Particulate Sample Media When Testing Diesel Engines(APOL3050)
Use of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSD) When Testing Diesel Engines
Quality Assurance & Materials Testing Division Procedures
Performance Criteria and Test Guidelines for Evaluation of Nontraditional Ventilation Controls in Underground Coal Mines (ACRI5001)
Conducting the Autoignition Temperature Test on Hydraulic Fluids Submitted for MSHA Approval: 30 CFR, Section 35.20 (ASTP5002)
Conducting the Temperature-Pressure Spray Ignition Test Used for the Approval of Fire-resistant Hydraulic Fluids (ASTP5003)
Determination of Effect of Evaporation on the Flammability of Hydraulic Fluids (ASTP5004)
Determining Viscosity of a Hydraulic Fluid in Sabolt Universal Seconds (ASTP5005)
Non-Asbestos Packing Material (ASTP5006)
Flame Test Procedure for Conveyor Belt, Hose, and Other Materials: Title 30, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 18, Section 18.65 (ASTP5007)
Measurement of Wall Thickness of Hose Conduit, 30 CFR, Part 18 (ASTP5008)
Standardized Small Scale Flame Test Procedures for Acceptance of Roof-Rib Grid Material (ASTP5011)
Flame Resistant Cables & Splices under 30CFR Part 7 (ASTP5012)

Any questions regarding these Standard Test Procedures can be directed to Mr. Kevin Dolinar at 304-547-2014 or by e-mail at zzMSHA-TecSupA&