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Safety Pro in a box

Dear Aggregate Operators:

Please accept the compliance assistance materials that form the basis of the concept of a "Safety Pro in a Box." This is intended to provide meaningful compliance assistance to new operators in the aggregates industry. At this critical point, it is essential that mine operators do all that's possible to fully comply with safety and health regulations and standards. Furthermore, these compliance materials should be seen as just a 'floor' in the on-going effort to make aggregate workplaces as safe and healthy as possible.

All of these training materials have been produced by the Mine Academy of the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Representatives of the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (NSSGA) worked with Academy officials to cull MSHA's vast instructive resources to pull out these materials that can provide specific and substantial compliance assistance to mine operators.

We must note that - while very instructive- these materials do not cover all elements needed for full compliance with MSHA regulations and standards. We encourage you to contact your local MSHA district or field office for additional information. NSSGA members may direct any questions to Joseph Casper, NSSGA vice president for safety. He can be reached at (703) 526-1074 /

Hope that you have a safe and healthy day.

MSHA Web Education and Training Resources Education and Training home page.
Paperwork Requirements Forms and filings to include Legal ID's, Mine ID's Contractor ID's, etc.
MSHA Handbooks
Accident/Illness Reporting Procedures MSHA Handbook Series - PH00-I-5 - Educates mine operators and miners on what type of accidents/illnesses have to be reported to MSHA
Metal And Nonmetal Health Inspection Procedures MSHA Handbook Series - PH06-IV-1 - Educates mine operators and miners on safety and health inspections. What they need to do to be in compliance with safety and health standards.
MSHA Instructor Guide (IG) Series
Instructor Guide (IG) 14 Safety and Health Audit for Aggregate Operators - Surface Metal/Nonmetal - Guidance and check off lists. (short version)
Instructor Guide (IG) 14a Safety and Health Audit for Aggregate Operators - Surface Metal/Nonmetal (Long Version) - Guidance and check off lists.
Instructor Guide (IG) 17 Part 48 Metal/Nonmetal Deep Mines - Good for New Miner training, Experienced Miner, Annual Refresher
Instructor Guide (IG) 37 30 CFR Part 46 Instructor's Guide - Contains lesson plans to develop mine specific training programs
Instructor Guide (IG) 40 On-the-job Training Modules - Sand, Gravel and Crushed Stone - Modules: Starting the Plant, Plant Clean Up, Plant Shut Down, Plant Operation, Maintaining Conveyor Systems, Plant Repair, Welding and Cutting, Equipment Lock Out Procedures, Electrical Procedures for Non-Electricians, Truck haulage, Ground Control, Inspecting and Replacing Wire Ropes, Replacing the drive chain or belt on a screw conveyor, Manual Handling of Materials, Handling Material with a Shop Overhead traveling Crane, Primary Crushing Operation, Primary Drilling Equipment, Transportation, Use and Storage of Explosives
Instructor Guide (IG) 43 On-the-job Training Modules - Surface Metal and Nonmetal- For operators of: Front-End Loader, Dozer, Pan Scraper, Backhoe, Hydraulic Excavator, Mobile Crane, Hydraulic Shovel, Power Shovel, Dragline, Drill, Storage-Transportation-and Use of Explosives, Field maintenance of Surface Machinery, Welding and Cutting, Inspecting and Maintaining Wire Ropes, Ground Control, Manual Handling of Materials, Prevention of Slip and Fall Accidents
Instructor Guide (IG) 103 A Practical Guide to an Occupational Health Program for Respirable Crystalline Silica
Streaming Media Clips
SLAM Risks Teaches task risk analysis.
Surface Conveyor Safety Surface Conveyor Safety clip.
Survivor's Story: Stay in the Cab! The story from a supervisor who survived a roll over in a front end loader.
Workplace Exams How to recognize common hazards.
LockOut-TagOut Describes proper LockOut/TagOut procedures.
Highwall Risk Assessment Shows one truck driver training another on the hazards of highwalls.
Highwall Hazards What could happen and avoidance when working around highwalls.
Hearing Conservation Shows forms of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and how to use them.
More Resources
Guarding Conveyor Belts at Metal/Nonmetal Mines Powerpoint Presentation - Discusses guard types, construction of, and more.
Train The Trainer- Part 46 & 48 Designed to provide the instruction fundamentals to potential instructors. Can also be used as a trainer refresher
Training materials Collection for M/NM Mines A collection of PowerPoint presentations and video clips. Topics include: Aging Workforce, back injury, bad weather related accidents, bucket maintenance, and much more.
Part 6 Testing and Evaluation Part 6- Testing and Evaluation by Independent Laboratories and Non-MSHA Product Safety Standards
Tool Box Training for Construction Aggregate Miners A series of weekly ToolBox talks that can be used by small mine operators and others to hold safety and health discussions for their employees at their mining operations
Hazard Communication This single source page takes a detailed look at the Haz-Com standards and requirements. Contains an interactive quiz.
Hearing Loss Toolbox Talks MSHA has developed a series of presentations that can be used by the mining community as a training resource in the area of noise and hearing loss prevention.

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