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We are providing you this single source page for statistics regarding fatal accidents. Please use the links below to access the chart of your choice.

Fatalities by Accident Type
A daily fatality report by calendar year and accident type for all fatal accidents. This report is updated daily. Date of last fatality is indicated below category.
Coal Mining 2018
Last Fatality: 09/11/2018 

End of Year 2017
Metal/Nonmetal Mining 2018
Last Fatality: 08/22/2018

End of Year 2017

Fatalities by State and Calendar Year
A count, by calendar year and state where fatality occurred. These charts will be updated as a fatality occurs.
Coal Mining

Metal/Nonmetal Mining

All Mining

Comparison of Year-To-Date and Total Fatalities
Comparison of year-to-date (current year chart only) and total fatalities for Metal/Nonmetal and Coal mining. Previous year charts just show year-end totals. This chart will be updated as a fatality occurs.
For 2018 (Updated 10/02/2018)

Previous Years:
For 2017 For 2016 For 2015 For 2014 For 2013 For 2012 For 2011 For 2010
For 2009 For 2008 For 2007 For 2006 For 2005 For 2004 For 2003
For 2002 For 2001 For 2000 For 1999 For 1998

Number of Miners & Mining Fatalities: 1900 2017
We have compiled two tables. These tables reflect the number of miners and the number of fatalities for a given year for 1900 through 2017. There are coal statistics and metal/nonmetal statistics.
  • Metal/Nonmetal operations include Mills (Metal, Nonmetal, and Stone), Sand and Gravel, Surface (Metal, Nonmetal, and Stone), Underground (Metal, Nonmetal, and Stone).
    Sand and gravel miners included starting in 1958.
    Office workers at mine sites included starting in 1973.
  • Office workers included starting in 1973.