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Performance Coal Company

Review of MSHA's Actions
at the
Upper Big Branch Mine-South
Performance Coal Company
Raleigh County,
West Virginia

Due to the extensive nature of this report, we have chosen to break it down into pieces. This should make viewing this report a bit easier. We are providing you with the report without the appendices included, the report with the appendices included, the appendices in one file, and the appendices as separate files. You may download any of these files.

Some of the following files are large and may take some time to download, depending on your connection speed. If you are experiencing problems in getting them to open, please right click on the link for the file and SAVE TARGET AS to your PC and then open the file.


The Internal Review team offers sincere condolences to the families and friends of the miners who lost their lives or were injured in the explosion. While we can not begin to comprehend the pain, sorrow, and anguish that friends and family members have experienced and continue to experience, our efforts are respectfully dedicated to the memory of the 29 miners. We also wish to acknowledge the efforts of the many Company, State, MSHA, and other rescue and recovery personnel who performed selflessly at UBB.


  • Internal Review Without Appendices (2.46 MB)

  • Internal Review (With Appendices - 17.4 MB)

  • Executive Summary

  • News Release

  • Audio track of the press conference call held 3/6/2012 (.wav file)

  • An Independent Panel Assessment of An Internal Review of MSHA Enforcement Actions at the Upper Big Branch Mine South
  • Appendices

  • Entire Set of Appendices (15.1 MB)

  • By Appendix
  • Appendix A — Program Area Responses

  • Addition to Appendix A Other recommendations and corrective actions not included in original appendix (Added November 15, 2012)

  • Appendix B — Persons Interviewed or Providing Information

  • Appendix C — Recommendations for Regulatory Changes

  • Appendix D — Enforcement of Specific Standards (Non contributory Violations)

  • Appendix E — MSHA Inspections and Investigations at UBB

  • Appendix F — Lists of Inspection Procedure Headers

  • Appendix G — Section 103(i) Spot Inspections at UBB

  • Appendix H — Violations Cited during Section 103(i) Spot Inspections at UBB

  • Appendix I — Comparison of the MMU Plans for the Longwall Panels

  • Appendix J — Inundation by Water of the 1 North Longwall Headgate

  • Appendix K — Review of Longwall Pillar Designs at UBB

  • Appendix L — Summary of Deficiencies Common to District 4 Accountability Audits and the UBB Internal Review

  • Appendix M — MSHA Technical Support Memoranda on UBB Floor Bursts

  • Appendix N — Comparison of Belt Inspections and Examination Records

  • Appendix O — Enforcement of Respirable Dust Standards

  • Corrective Action Tracking * (Updated 1/31/2013)

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