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Coal Mine Rescue Hall of Fame Introduction

The Mine Safety and Health Administration has established the Coal Mine Rescue Hall of Fame to honor individuals who through their accomplishments and commitment stand out as exceptional in the field of mine rescue. After a series of tragic mine disasters in the early 1900s, the U.S. Bureau of Mines, MSHA's predecessor agency, recognized the need for a trained and organized group of miners equipped to perform rescue operations. Through this need was born the network of volunteer mine rescue personnel available today. American miners work together with the knowledge that should an emergency arise, a well-organized, trained, and equipped group of mine rescue experts will be available to respond.

Everyone in the mine rescue community deserves respect for their sacrifice and dedication. Some individuals, however, stand out for their work and lifetime achievements and commitment to this unique, challenging field. These individuals have been nominated for induction to Coal Mine Rescue Hall of Fame.

1983 1985 1987 1989 1991 1993
Brad Evilsizer Herschel H. Potter Harry Carter Edwin P. Brady Louie Jones Carl Boone
  Willard Stanley Harry Childress Bobby Hill Allen McGilton Joe Garcia
  Bill W.Clemons Hargis Ison Tim Thompson Pat Graham
    Dwight W. Greenlee Robert Schmidt   Charles Green
        Ray Guymon
        Loretta Irwin
          Loretta Roark
1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005
Myron Bryant Ron Costlow Dave Beerbower Ron Costlow Elaine Chao Dave Berry
Dale Byram Joe Lamonica Jules Gautier Rick Douglas Ken Ely John Chambers, Sr.
James Elkins Larry McCoy Kevin Vaughn Bob Elam Marshall Fugate Jennifer Cole
Dale Halcomb Joe Pavlovich Dave Wolfe Louie Jones Dave Lauriski Don King
Jeff Ison William Stevens   Wes Kenneweg Joe Yudasz Gary McHenry
Doug Lester James Vicini   Mike Panepucci   Ray McKinney
Harry Markley          
2007 2009 2011 2013 2015 2017
Jules Gautier Virgil Brown Ronnie Biggerstaff Frank Foster Ronnie Drake John Chambers
Gerald Kendrick Allen Dupree Diane Crouse Burl Scott Donald Hager Sherman Goodwin
Allen McGilton Harvey Ferrell Gary Christensen Terry Phegley Dale Jackson Danny Knott
Joe Pavlovich Hargis Ison Marshall Fugate Jim Steadman Lewis McCoy John Sabo
Kevin Stricklin Bill Tolliver George Joseph John Urosek Kenny Murray Danny Spratt
  Joe Main Ed Chafin Kenneth Purdue Lavon Turpin
  Carolyn Archer Danny Quesenberry Tim Watkins
    Ronnie Smith Chuck Edwards
      Jeff Kravitz
Fred Shannon
Randy Duncan
Larry (Jan) Chambliss
Darren Blankenship
Tom Patterson