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This site contains information helpful in understanding MSHA's part 46 training regulation and offers suggestions in the implementation of training programs. Effective training for new employees, refresher training, new task training, and site-specific hazard training can mean the difference between life and death.

We are presenting these files in different formats. Some documents are in PDF and some are HTML(download, read, select text and print only). As several of the items offered below are designed to be downloaded and tailored to your needs, we will be providing you those in Microsoft Word ®. To download these documents, simply select the version you want. You will be prompted to save the file to a directory of your choice.

We have formatted the forms found in the kit for you to complete "on-screen" (using your computer key board instead of printing them out and loading them to a typewriter). The formatting dramatically increases the size of the overall file and made downloading time almost unbearable. What we have done is to provide links on the forms (beginning pages) which, in turn will bring up that form as a separate file. This will minimize download time. There is also a menu of available Part 46 Training Kit forms which you may also use.

The August/September 2000 issue of the Holmes Safety Bulletin is devoted to Part 46 training. It may help you with any questions that you may have.

Special Note:

Please be aware that on-screen completion of forms is not to be confused with on-line submission. After completing your selection, you will need to print the plan on your printer. If you choose to submit your training plans to MSHA, you may do so via regular mail or e-mail. If you wish to submit your plan by e-mail, it will need to be in Word or WordPerfect format. PDF forms will not save the data when you save the form. If you have Adobe Acrobat you may export data to a form data file and then import that data back into the same form. This gets complicated for alot of users. We are working on alternative methods for submitting this data. You may find both e-mail and postal mailing addresses at Educational Field Services Field Office Contacts.

Some or all of the files available on this page are PDF. For more information on PDF, PDF readers and accessibility issues, please use this link.


Part 46 and Part 48 Training Plans On-line Filing

You may submit your Part 46 and Part 48 training plans on-line. To do so, please use this link.

  • Part 46 Rule

    - See Rule...

  • Part 46 Training Assistance
    The Part 46 Starter Kit with Sample Training Plan may be downloaded in its entirety or by section.

  • Sand, Gravel, And Crushed Stone On-the-job Training Modules - IG 40
  • Instruction Guide 40
    These training modules were developed cooperatively by MSHA and members of the sand, gravel, and crushed stone industry. We gratefully acknowledge the valuable contributions of Gifford-Hill and Company, Inc., National Gypsum Company, National Stone Association, The Spline Education Center, Martin-Marrietta Corp., W. W. Boxley Co.,and others, to this Instruction Guide.

  • Part 46 Training Plan Guide
  • Part 46 Training Plan Guide (PDF)
    This guide was developed to assist mine operators and independent contractors develop an approved training plan for Part 46 The guide includes helpful tips on what is aceptable to include in a Part 46 training plan.
  • Part 46 Training Checklist
  • PDF Version
  • Word Version

  • This checklist is an aid for mine inspectors and Educational Field Services (EFS) specialists to evaluate an operator's (production operator and independent contractor) compliance with the Part 46 training regulations. The checklist is not intended to replace the Part 46 regulations. Operators should review the Part 46 regulations to ensure compliance with the regulations. The PDF version may be filled out "on-screen" and printed to your printer.

  • Guidance for Adjusting a Part 48 Training Plan to Meet the Requirements of Part 46
  • Web Version

  • Part 46 Starter Kit with Sample Training Plan (In Sections)
  • Introduction - PDF Version

  • Model Training Plan - PDF Version    Word Version
    These materials are not fillable "on-screen".

  • MSHA Training Materials List - PDF Version
    These materials are not fillable "on-screen".

  • Sample Training Records/Certificates - PDF Version    Word Version
    These materials are not fillable "on-screen".

  • Part 46 Starter Kit with Sample Training Plan (Complete Kit)

    PDF Version   Word Version

    En Español

    PDF Version    Word Version

    If you would like to order copies of the starter kit, please see this page.

  • Part 46 Instructors Guide
    The sections, that may be tailored to your needs, are also offered as Microsoft Word®.

    PDF Version    Word Version

    En Español
    PDF Version    Word Version

    If you would like to order copies of the instructors guide, please see this page.

  • Part 46 - New Training Requirements for Surface Non-metal Mines - See Pamphlet

  • Part 46 Training Requirements for Independent Contractors - See Pamphlet

  • Training Assistance From MSHA's Educational Field Services

  • Training Assistance From MSHA's State Grant Program

  • Forms and Training Records/Certificates (All Fillable "On-screen")