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Safety and Health Information —

Looking for Safety and Health Alerts, Close Calls, and Serious Accidents? You can find them and more on our new Safety and Health Materials search page.

General Interest Items

  • Safety and Health Topics
    A comprehensive listing of safety and health information.
  • A Guide to Miner's Rights....
    "A Guide to Miner's Rights and Responsibilities Under the
    Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977"
  • Dam Safety

  • Diesel Particulate Final Rules Single Source Page
    "Part II Diesel Particulate Final Rules Single Source Page"
  • Equipment Related Accidents
    A listing of equipment related accidents by equipment type and year of accident.
  • Health Standards for Occupational Noise Exposure
    A single source page for all documents related to Health Standards for Occupational Noise Exposure.
  • Mine Rescue Home Page

  • MSHA's Illness Prevention Program (IPP)

  • Preventive Roof/Rib Outreach Program

  • Rock Dusting
    This website is intended to provide operators with background information, suggested methods and uses, and links to manufacturers' available equipment types.
  • Surface Powered Haulage Safety (IG 56)

  • Tool Boxes
    A Collection of Tool Boxes
  • Underground Mining Electrical Safety Training
  • Safety Information

  • Safety Hazard Information
  • Health Information

  • Health Information Home Page
  • End Black Lung - Act Now!
  • Links to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Technical Reports
  • Health Hazard Information
  • Longwall Respirable Dust Control
  • A Practical Guide to an Occupational Health Program for Respirable Crystalline Silica (IG 103)