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MSHA published final rules in the Federal Register on January 19, 2001. These rules deal with diesel particulate matter exposure for underground miners in both coal and metal/nonmetal mines. This page is your single source page to the rules for coal mines and the Regulatory Economic Analysis for these rules. Some of the documents are PDF. If you are not familiar with PDF please visit this page.


Headquarters - Division of Health
    Contact: Robert Thaxton
    Phone: (202) 693-9515

Technical Support - Approval & Certification Center
    Contact: Jeffrey Moninger
    Phone: (304) 547-2324
    E-mail: Moninger.Jeffrey

Helpful Resources

  • Diesel Equipment Health and Safety (Single Source Page)

  • Action Table
    In collaboration with the Coal Diesel Partnership and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, MSHA formed the Diesel Issue Resolution Team at MSHA's Approval and Certification Center (A&CC). Major technical issues affecting the implementation of Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) filtration technology on both permissible and non-permissible vehicles in underground coal mines were identified. The following Action Table provides the Coal Mining Community with background information on specific diesel issues and actions taken by MSHA to resolve them.

  • NIOSH Listserve
    A list-server has been established by the diesel team at NIOSH, Pittsburgh in response to the expressed and obvious need for a means to disseminate and share information and experiences concerning the application of available technologies for the reduction of miner exposures to diesel particulate matter and gaseous emissions in underground mines.

  • A single page diesel inventory sheet that complies with the requirements of 72.520
  • Single Page Diesel Inventory Sheet - (PDF)
    Note: This is NOT a required form but is provided to assist mine operators. This form is especially appropriate for those operations with very limited numbers of diesel equipment as each piece of diesel equipment requires a separate sheet.

  • Downloadable Access database for tracking a coal mine diesel inventory that complies with the requirements of 72.520
  • diesel_inventory.mdb - (MDB)
    Note: This is a suggested format and may be used by any operator. It is NOT a required document. The user will need to have Microsoft Access 97 available to run the database.

  • Coal Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Standards -- Informational Meetings
  • Questions/Answers

  • Model Diesel Particulate Matter Training Outline
  • See Outline

  • Diesel Particulate Matter - A Powerpoint® Presentation
  • Powerpoint® Presentation for viewing or downloading
  • HTML Version of the Powerpoint® Presentation

  • Health Effects Information
  • The Diesel Exhaust in Miners Study: A Nested Case–Control Study of Lung Cancer
    and Diesel Exhaust (NCI study) Silverman, et. al    PDF Version    HTML Version

  • The Diesel Exhaust in Miners Study: A Cohort Mortality Study With Emphasis
    on Lung Cancer (NIOSH study) Attfield, et. al    PDF Version    HTML Version

  • Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Control Technologies with Percent Removal Efficiency
    Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Control Technologies
    Table I: Paper/Synthetic Filters
    Table II: Non-Catalyzed Particulate Filters, Base Metal Particulate Filters, and Paper Filters
    Table III: Catalyzed (Platinum Based) Diesel Particulate Filters

    Note: These tables are not all-inclusive and only contain manufacturers who have contacted MSHA in order to list their control technologies.
  • Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Control Products
  • Approved/Certified Power Packages with a Diesel Particulate Filter

  • Approved Equipment with a Diesel Particulate Filter
    * includes pictures of modified equipment with diesel particulate filters.
  • Final Rules

  • Coal
    Part II - 30 CFR Part 72 - Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure of Underground Coal Miners - 01/19/2001

  • Coal
    Part II - 30 CFR Part 72 - Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure of Underground Coal Miners; Delay of Effective Dates - 03/15/2001

  • Coal
    Part II - 30 CFR Part 72 - Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure of Underground Coal Miners - Corrections - 05/21/2001
  • Regulatory Economic Analysis

  • Final Regulatory Economic Analysis And Regulatory Flexibility Analysis
    for Final Rule on 30 CFR Parts 57 Final Standards and Regulations - Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure of Underground Coal Miners
  • Program Information Bulletins

  • PIB11-38
    Re-Issue of P02-04 - Potential Health Hazard Caused by Platinum-Based Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Matter Exhaust Filters - 05/16/2011

  • PIB11-26
    Reissue of P02-07 - Compliance with Diesel Particulate Matter Standard in Underground Coal Mines - 04/13/2011

  • PIB11-27
    Reissue of P05-01 - Final Effective Date for Underground Coal Diesel Particulate Standard and Availability of Report on Issues Related to High Temperature Diesel Particulate Filters (HTDPFs) Including Laboratory Results on Kindling Temperatures - 06/20/2011

  • PIB10-07
    Re-Issue P01-06 - Diesel Particulate Matter in Underground Coal Mines - Training Program Guide - 07/08/2010